Don’t Let A Blocked Bath Steal Your Flow

If your bathtub or shower is draining slowly – or not at all – we are here to make sure you don’t find yourself surrounded by standing water. We have the equipment and expertise needed to rid your bath of problematic hair clogs, undissolved soap, or unnatural oils that are blocking your bath drain.

Enjoy Your Bathtub or Shower Again With Restored Functionality

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary where you can relax in peace, but when your bathtub or shower is not functioning properly due to a blockage, your bathroom can go quickly from peaceful to problematic. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms of the entire home, and it is natural for drainage problems to occur over the course of time. However, it is essential for homeowners to have the problem evaluated and rectified immediately to avoid costly damage that could be minimised with a simple solution. Call the bath drainage professionals at Lewmark Drainage today to have your blocked bath restored quickly and efficiently.










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Your Bathroom Drainage System Is A Hard-Working System

The pipes of your bathroom drainage system are interconnected among the toilets, sinks, shower, and bathtubs, so that when one pipe is clogged, it affects the entire setup.

A blocked bath is typically the result of a small item blocking the drain, or most commonly, hair build up. Hair may not seem like it can cause such a big problem, but after years of hair going down the drain and intertwining together, along with soap and oil-based products, well, it becomes a big deal.

Whatever the culprit may be, the team at Lewmark Drainage will get to work to evaluate the situation and determine if the blockage is caused by one pipe, or is larger complex problem involving the entire drainage system. For simple solutions, we may be able to solve the problem with only a plunger or plumber’s rod. For more intensive problems that involve multiple pipes, we use the most advanced tools, including our high-pressure water jetting systems and electro-mechanical boring equipment, to restore your pipes to functionality. If necessary, we can also repair your entire system and de-scale your pipes if hard water or mineral buildup is a problem in your home.


If we are unable to effectively identify the root cause of the blockage through traditional methods, we will perform a CCTV drain inspection with our advanced camera technology that will allow us to see inside multiple pipes and drains.

Common Causes Of  Blocked Baths

If you experience slow draining or standing water in your bathroom sink, shower, or tub, please contact the team of drainage specialists at Lewmark Drainage immediately. We will diagnose the problem quickly to get your bathroom up and running once again. Here are a few common causes of blocked baths:

  • Hair

  • Soaps and hair products

  • Unnatural oils

It is always best to remove any hair from your drain immediately, in order to minimise the chance of further blockage. Also, try to choose natural soaps and bath products made without filmy oils and chemicals.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Blocked Bath Today

We are available 24/7 to provide drain clearance service for your residential or commercial location in London, Kent, or Sussex. We work quickly and efficiently to restore full functionality to your blocked bath drainage system, with minimal disruption. Our competitive fixed pricing for blocked baths will give you peace of mind that you are getting the best professional service at the best price. Contact the team at Lewmark Drainage for all of your blocked bath needs.


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Residential And Commercial Drain Clearance Services

With our commitment to competitive pricing, 24/7 availability, and fixed fees on blockages, you no longer have to waste any more of your valuable time trying to solve the problem with ineffective solutions. We will provide an honest upfront quote for drain clearance services with no hidden fees, and no expensive call-out charges.

Call the team at Lewmark Drainage today to get your home or business drainage system restored immediately.

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